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Young Couple Expecting

Hey There Families!

We are Sharina Jensen and Haylee Richman, the owners of the Boise Birth Village (BBV) and passionate birth advocates. As experts in the field of prenatal support, childbirth, postpartum and newborn care, we are thrilled to connect with expecting parents and offer valuable support to families.


Haylee and Sharina's journeys started many years ago when they both started working as birth doulas. At the beginning of 2022 they came together with the plan to begin supporting families as a team. This would make doula work sustainable and give them both more time with their families. Quickly, they both realized that they had the same vision and passion for birth work. 

Sharina joined Haylee as a co-owner of the Boise Birth Village, with the plan to provide more comprehensive support to families in the Treasure Valley.


Our mission is to connect you to birth & postpartum care providers, doulas and consultants who are available to provide you unconditional support, hands on education, quality resources, and an incredible experience. In our work as independent doulas we found an increased need for back-up support, continuity of care, reliability and a higher standard for professional practices. This was the cornerstone that then became the Boise Birth Village!






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