Celebrate your special rite of passage into Motherhood


What is a
Mother's Blessing?

Adapted from an old Navajo tradition (Blessingway) that celebrates a woman's rite of passage into motherhood, a Mother’s Blessing is a gathering of special women who create a loving circle around the mother-to-be helping her to prepare for her upcoming birth. It is a beautiful pre-birth ceremony . This baby shower alternative’s purpose is to nurture and nourish the mother-to-be, empowering her with support and encouragement as she transitions from pregnancy into childbirth and onto motherhood.

The goal is to have her feel loved, recognize her strength, believe in her body and its ability to birth her baby, feel confident for labor, birth and motherhood. It’s a time where the focus is not on gifts, but instead on nurturing and supporting the soon-to-be mom.

Who is this for?

A Mother's Blessing is perfect for affirming a first time mom or for an experienced mother who already has all the "stuff" but still wants to celebrate her journey. 

  • Doula will meet with host for one hour (in person or FaceTime) to customize and plan the event for the mother to be. She will pick from a menu of rituals that will speak to the guest of honor.

  • Personalized invitation wording can be provided for host to send.

  • Mother’s Blessing event will be facilitated by the Doula in your home.

                                                                                                                   Cost: $100

What's Included?

Host Duties

  • Collaborates with the Doula to select from menu of rituals

  • Host creates the guest list

  • Provides all food and drink

  • Sends out invites

  • Provides the venue

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" Birth is not only about making babies.   Birth is about making Mothers"