"the moment a child is born, a mother is born also"


Why is continuous labor and birth support SO important?

  • Decreased fear and anxiety

  • More vaginal deliveries

  • Less likely to need Pitocin

  • Less use of pain medication

  • Less use of vacuums/forceps

  • More likely to have a positive experience

See for yourself!

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So you've done all the pre-birth work


to be ready for your little one's arrival...

With so much information to take in and remember, birth can feel like a lot of pressure, for both you and your partner!

Why not bring an expert along?


What does a Doula do?

As your doula I build your confidence that birth is normal and that you are emotionally, physically, and mentally prepared for this amazing transformative event.

We explore your needs and desires when it comes to childbirth, practice labor and birth positions, talk about comfort measures and breastfeeding, and most importantly, develop a bond of trust.


I am a Hypno-Doula and have been trained in Spinning Babies techniques. Having this variety of skills allows me to meet your needs whatever they may be. 

During labor and birth I support you by:

 - reminding you of your birth plan

 - encouraging and assisting with position 


 - performing counter-pressure techniques

 - timing contractions

 - helping determine when it's time to transfer

 - providing any needed information

 - alleviating discomfort

 - assisting with breastfeeding

 - and keeping you and your partner fed and 


Doulas are for partners too!

"We have a secret in our culture, and it's not that birth is's that women are strong"

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Tell me about Hypnobabies!

All About Mother's Blessings!

"Testimonials describe what has been, and are a promise of what is to come"

"Haylee went above and beyond our expectations...we always felt like we were a top priority for her. There is a shortage of Hypnobabies trained doulas in our area, but Haylee fits the bill! She is awesome at maximizing the Hypno-mom's experience. We found such a good rhythm together during the birth and her counterpressure, hip squeezes, massage, and suggestions of different positions were all invaluable"

Courtney Tam

"I was a little skeptical at first when my wife wanted a doula.    What really sold me was the night my wife went into labor.  Haylee kept in contact and helped us decide when to go in and met us there. From that point on she was irreplaceable. She was awake, alert and attentive for my wife's entire 30-hour labor helping my wife through every contraction and going out to get us food.  She was a true champion to the end.  I couldn't imagine doing this without an amazing doula like Haylee. Thank you soo much!"

Rick Jensen

"Haylee was absolutely amazing through the entire process. She is very knowledgeable and likable. She has a very sweet and calming demeanor which I found especially reassuring when hiring a doula for the birth of my first child. She stayed in regular contact with me and was always supportive and encouraging. When the big day arrived she was prompt and extremely helpful. She used simple but effective techniques to keep me calm and focused while breathing through my contractions. The support both my partner and I received is unparalleled. My labor and delivery experience was absolutely perfect. I wouldn't change a thing. We certainly couldn't have done it without Haylee."

"Haylee was an incredible doula for us. She came highly recommended by our birth center! When my husband and I were looking for a doula, we wanted someone that we really connected with and had a calming presence. We met Haylee only 2 weeks before my due date and I was worried about not being able to connect with someone in that amount of time, we knew within 10 minutes of meeting her that we wanted her to be apart of our home birth. Things got a little crazy after delivery and Haylee was a huge help to the midwives! She is a great doula as well as an all around good person!"

Amanda Lang
Haylie Mead

I wasn’t sure when the appropriate time to call my

doula was—after all, I didn’t want her arriving too early or

too late. Haylee assured me; “The right time is whenever you

need me.” The moment she arrived I was in the middle of a contraction. Without hesitation, Haylee rushed over to me and began massaging everywhere it hurt. How did she know?!  Haylee...wants you and your partner to feel absolute peace and comfort. She makes your goal her goal and never leaves your side. As my husband

says, Haylee is a rockstar! She is and we couldn't

imagine doing birth without her!

Valerie Cleave

"Haylee is an amazing doula! Her presence during the birth of our son was a tremendous help. I wanted to complete childbirth naturally with no medication. Haylee was helpful in educating us in what to expect in the weeks leading up to the birth, the childbirth process itself, and what to expect postpartum.  Haylee was very professional and nurturing throughout the labor and delivery. I found her coaching, and knowledge to be incredible. Haylee was quick to suggest laboring positions and to ask questions and make suggestions that were in my best interest.

Through my 30 hours of labor, Haylee was there with me every moment, never taking a break unless I did.  Haylee helped us achieve our ideal labor and delivery. Little Oliver was born naturally via water birth,  as I wanted. Haylee was a tremendous support, both physically and emotionally, in moments where I thought I would not be able to deliver the baby. She is awesome and we recommend her highly. My husband and I would not have been able to get through this tough labor without her. Thanks so much Haylee!"

Alma Jensen
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