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What is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing uses meditation, self-hypnosis, and deep relaxation techniques to help a birthing person have a painless, calm, and comfortable birthing experience.

As a trained Hypno-Doula, I am familiar with the philosophies, techniques, cue words, and other materials necessary for Hypnobirthing and the ability to help you have an easier, more comfortable, and even pain-free birth experience


I am prepared to calmly meet whatever path my birth takes

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Hypnobabies® teaches people how to reach a deeper state of hypnosis called “somnambulism”, and to use something called “eyes-open” hypnosis so that you can be awake: talking, eating, moving around, but still deeply in a state of hypnosis for pain relief.

So what's special about Hypnobabies??


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Why do I need a Hypno-Doula?

Birth Rehearsals

As a hypno-doula, I help reinforce the wonderful techniques you are learning by conducting a birth rehearsal in which we practice birthing positions and comfort measures as well as hypnosis cue words and verbal prompts for each stage of birth. 


Whether in a hospital, birthing center, or at home, I act as a liaison with staff, making gentle reminders to use positive language and keeping distractions to a minimum


As a Hypnobabies ® trained Hypno-Doula, I have unique skills that allow me to help hypnomoms to enter and remain in their deep state of relaxation. I am trained to use the specific mental, emotional, and physical cues that Hypnobabies ® moms learn in the program

Other Programs

Are you utilizing another hypnobirthing program? No problem! I'm able to help any hypnobirthing mom have a comfortable and peaceful birthing experience by learning and practicing your specific cue words and techniques

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I'm here for you...let's make your birth the best and happiest day of your life!


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