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We found Sharina and Haylee through a Treasure Valley Doula event and could not have had a better experience! We don’t have a lot of local family and we’re new to the area so the redundancy of a doula Team really appealed to us. Sharina and I made a connection at the doula event and then my husband and Haylee joined us for a second conversation and just confirmed for me that we were adding the right doula team to our birth team - we all just sort of clicked. Sharina and Haylee just got our birth view and desired birth plan.

The prenatal visits were great, leaning mixed with a lot of laughter. Sharina and Haylee were great communicators throughout the journey - I was never uncertain of who was on call for us or if I should contact them. We would not have made it through our birth experience - anywhere close to our desired plan - if Sharina hadn’t been there. Without making this too long - it was a wild ride and she helped keep it from going off the rails.

Postpartum it was great to have a lactation consultant! Though I BF with my first we have 4yrs between our girls so it was great to have a refresher/confirmation I remembered what I was doing. If we were to have another child I would definitely reach out again, and I highly recommend for anyone currently or planning to go through a pregnancy!


My husband and I are so very grateful we found Haylee and Sharina. This was my second birth and we were attempting a VBAC so we decided to find a doula to have some extra support in the delivery room. Haylee ended up being the one in the hospital with us and she was so wonderful throughout the whole experience. We arrived at the hospital at 7am on a Friday and had our baby at 7:45am on Saturday morning and she was with us for almost that whole time. After my first birth ended in C-section, I knew that I didn’t just want to sit around and wait for birth to just happen, so Haylee was able to coach me and had me doing different spinning babies techniques to help the baby progress. When labor and contractions got more intense she coached me through breathing and help make the environment more peaceful for me. This birth experience with a doula compared to our first birth experience without was night and day difference and the fact that our VBAC was successful was influenced heavily by Haylee being there with us. Then after we were discharged my son wasn’t latching properly at home and had very few wet diapers and was loosing weight to the point we had to supplement for a bit. Sharina came over for a breastfeeding consultation and she was able to help us fix his latch and essentially helped teach him how to properly latch and eat and after that meeting breastfeeding took off without a hitch and after a few days we were able to stop supplementing. I highly recommend these wonderful ladies to anyone who is looking for some extra support and valuable knowledge. From the moment we became their clients they were so awesome and really helped empower me through my VBAC. After my first birth experience felt so out of my control, it was really a redeeming feeling for me to take some of my control and power back for this birth and one of the ways I did that was through hiring a doula. Thank you so much Haylee and Sharina!


I am so glad I found Haylee for my home birth! She was careful to listen to me and the birth I hoped for. She went above and beyond with comfort measures, check-ins and personalized care. She and Sharina are well integrated with the community and to recommend resources beyond just birth. I highly recommend these doulas!


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